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    Here is the list of possible industry choices. Please choose 3 of the industries below. You will need to place your 1st choice as number 1, your next choice as number 2, etc. This list of choices is on a first come first serve basis, as in, the industry you choose may not be available or assigned to another student. That's why you will be submitting 3 choices, if you are first or possibly even your second choices are not available, you will possibly be given your third choice. You will be notified if all three choices are not available. So list your choices starting with your first choice.

    Choose your top 3 industry choices:

    • Real Estate
    • Automotive Sales
      • Boats
      • RV's
      • Vehicles
    • Automotive Repair
    • Restaurants
    • Retail
      • Large Ticket Items
      • Clothing Industry
      • General Merchandise - Home & Garden
    • Day Care
    • Nutrition
    • Insurance - Financial Services
    • Pet Supply
      • Pet Grooming
      • Pet Day Care
    • Hair Salons
      • Nail Salons
      • Message Therapists/Specialists
      • Spa Salons
      • Beauty Salons
    • Sporting Leagues
      • Baseball Leagues
      • Bowling Leagues
      • Golf Leagues
      • Hockey Leagues
    • Churches
      • Music Groups
    • Nightclubs
    • Chiropractic
      • Specialty Medical
      • Holistic
      • Medical Massage
    • Recreation
      • Boating Rentals
      • Fishing Trips
      • Water Sports
      • Cruise Trips
      • Sports
      • Fitness
    • Travel
    • Hospitality
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Medical & Dental
    • Construction & Maintenance

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