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Lesson 2 Assignment - What Is HTML?

Let’s see how this works. 
  1. Locate and open your text editor program in your computer programs. 
  2. Run your mouse over this code and highlight 
<html>  <body>  <h1>My First Heading</h1>  <p>My first paragraph.</p>  </body>  </html>  Select CTRL and C on your keyboard to copy the code to your computer memory clipboard. 
  1. Once you have opened your text editor, click with your mouse into the blank white space area, select CTRL or Command on your keyboard and while holding that button on your keyboard down select the V button on your keyboard while still holding your CTRL or Command key down. This will paste the html code into your text editor. 
  2. Save your document as firstheader.html somewhere in your computer that you can go back and retrieve it in a few minutes. I would suggest creating a file folder on your desktop or My Documents on your computer and saving this document in it. 
  3. Before clicking on the Save button make sure you change the drop-down that says “Save As Type” to All Files instead of Txt Files. If you don’t change this it will mess up your file format structure when you try to view it in your browser. 
  4. Now we need to view our HTML document in an internet browser to see if we have created it correctly. 
  5. Open your internet browser, navigate to the Menu area of the program and select File>>>>>Open>>>>Click on Browse in the dialog box and find the file that you just created. 
  6. Once you load the document you created in your text editor into your browser you should see a large bolded header that says “My First Header” and a paragraph that says “This is my first paragraph.” 
  7. If you experience any issues in this assignment retrace your steps above and see if you can determine what you did wrong and go back and fix it. 
  8. If you have any questions or issues email your instructor and one of our team will help you. 
  9. Once you have successfully completed this practice exercise move onto the next lesson. 
Good Luck,  Mrs. D

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