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Lesson 8 Assignment: Upload Test Webpage

In this assignment we are going to download an FTP transfer program to use when uploading files to the internet for websites. We will be using FileZilla. I just want you to use a free program that doesn’t require you to go and purchase any software for these classes. Proceed to your favorite search engine and search for Filezilla if you don’t already have a  FTP program on your computer. Once you get that downloaded I want you to email me at and tell me you have your FTP program downloaded and you are ready for your login credentials for the FTP program. Also tell me what program you decided to use. Once I receive this email from you then I will send your login credentials to fill into your FTP program so we can proceed to the next step.  Next Step: In this next step we are going to practice uploading files into our new ftp program. By now you should have already emailed me letting me know that you have downloaded your FTP program and you are ready for me to give you your login credentials to login into the web server so you can upload some practice files.  In your FTP program you should see 3 or 4 panes or windows. Log in with the information you were given. You should be able to see files in the “Folders” pane on the left hand side. On the right hand side of the screen you should see a pane or window with the web server files that I have given you access to. Now let’s try uploading a file from one of the folders on your computer to the web server. For example: maybe you have a file on your desktop or ‘My Documents’ folder that you want to upload. When you find the file you want to upload in the folders pane, click on it and drag it over to the screen that has the web server files in it. You should start to see some text jumping around and running up or down the pane it is in. This is all fine and normal to happen. That’s all there is to it! If you want to view the file that you just uploaded, then here is what you do: Go to  Please ask any questions that you may have during this process.  Now that we know how to upload files to the web server, let’s create a little web page. Using the things we have already learned, create a simple web page. Use as many of the html tags, attributes, headings, code and elements that you want.  Good Luck and Have fun with this assignment,  Mrs. D

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