Tuition Options

work-studyWork Study Scholarship includes hands on work, online, on live websites, in lieu of paying tuition!

Minimum Work Study time is 11 weeks per semester. However, you can elect to learn at your own pace and get as much professor interaction as you would like, and take as long as you need to complete the program.

If you choose this option, the Work Study Option, you must continue to work in the work study program 10-15 hours each week, no less, until graduation.

Hurry, there are a limited amount of students per semester. Enroll with Our Work Study Scholarship Now!

traditional-tuitionWith this option you choose to pay by the semester/course!

Cost is $1000 each course, 4 courses, with a total of $4000.

If you are interested in flying through the courses, getting certified and then going off your own, this would be your best option.

Hurry, there are a limited amount of students per semester. Enroll in our Traditional Tuition Program Now!

WORK STUDY IS THE WAY TO GO! Your skill sets will be fine tuned and the hands on experience will make you ready for the work force!

Requirements & Options

You will need to provide a working computer with a web camera and a microphone and have reasonable internet speed.

Also, as an option, you can get a personalized website after graduation to help promote yourself and get your own clients to start your own company or go to work for another company. It will feature your websites you made as a student as well as any websites you assisted with as a work study/graduate student. It will also include any websites you worked on as a graduate student intern. Fee for this custom website is $500 or it can be added to your work study by doing postgraduate client website work. Students who drop out or quit will be billed for the entire balance of the uncompleted program.

Upon proper Graduation you will get letters from your professors and staff along with your Certification as a professional website designer and you will be able to add all projects you’ve worked on into your professional portfolio and website.

BONUS available ONLY to a select group of work study students who were also part of the graduate work study program. Some will be offered a part time to a full time paid intern position possibly leading to a full time position with either the school as a teacher, or teachers aide, or offered a position with the school’s benefactor Total Custom Solutions in their website development department.

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