Students will learn a basic content management system and an advanced content management system.

Freshman students will learn and do Advanced Content Management and Basic Content Management lessons. By the time you complete this section you should know how to work with Advanced Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress and Basic CMS. You will also be introduced to a few basic and simple widgets and gadgets.  The first part of your test final project will be to create four websites using the Basic Content Management  System and inserting a variety of code snippets, tables, widgets and gadgets, to show the maximum potential of these basic websites. The second part of your Freshman final test project will be for Advanced CMS and will include the creation of six high end CMS/PHP database driven websites which will include social networks, shopping cart systems, auction websites, community websites, and photo galleries. When you finish the Advanced Content Management Training, Basic Content Management Training lessons and  finish your test projects for each you will advance to being a Sophomore student.