Website Design Intern Program Agreement

Web Design Intern Training Program

This Agreement is between Proclaimers for Christ LLC a Nevada corporation doing business as Small Biz
Dezines, My Small Biz Printing and in Red Bluff, CA acting as a sole proprietorship under the name Small
Biz Printing herein after collectively referred to as SBDC, and

______________________________________________, here in after referred to as Web Design Intern
Trainee(Trainee). Company owns several proprietary websites for advertising and marketing purposes
and requires a written agreement with the Web Design Intern. All transactions must be under the
Company in order to protect the Company’s interests as well as the Customers who contract services
with the Company, which are only allowed by formal written contract or on-line electronic contract.
If you agree with the following terms and conditions, please execute this document before a Notary
Public and return original, for acceptance by Company CEO: Sara Daugherty C/O Proclaimers for Christ
Ministry 1805 N. Carson Street, suite x Carson City NV 89701 (OR EMAIL TO

General Intent
Trainees wishes to receive training such that they could build websites in a productive fashion for SBDC
and SBDC is willing to train Trainee so long as trainee agrees to work for SBDC after completing the
training program for a period of time not less than 6 months and receives a certificate for training as
outlined in the Independent Contractor Agreement.

Trainee desires to enter into the Small Biz Dezines Certified Training Program which parties agree is
of great worth to the Trainee for their future income earning abilities. Trainee understands that this
program is a work at your own pace program and the trainee can work at a pace that assures that they
complete the training program within 6 months or less. If at any time the intern fails to progress at a
minimal level of progress that SBDC has the right to drop Intern from the training program after two 7
day warnings for the Trainee to perform or quit notices have been given via Trainees e-mail address on

Training Value

Parties agree that the value of the training program is $999.00 which full payment is deferred and will
not be due until 6 months after the conclusion of the training process. Parties further agree that the
trainee will be given equal credit for all monies earned as a result of paid intern work done for SBDC in
the following manner as follows.

Payment/Barter Terms

Full and Equal credit will be given for each dollar earned by Trainee as they do work for SBDC as outlined
and performed through the Designer Agreement as an Independent Contractor. Thus if in a given week
the Designer (Trainee) earns $200 from SBDC then an equal credit will be applied to the Trainee’s open
account for this training program. SBDC agrees to not invoice the Trainee for any amounts due unless
the Trainee fails to complete the training within six months and/or fails to perform on assignments given
for future work given as per Independent Contractor Agreement.

Training Repayment Additional Terms

So long as the Trainees graduates from the training program and makes themselves available to
perform work for SBDC as per the Independent Contractor Agreement outlines -- and if -- the Company
fails to give the Trainee sufficient opportunities for work such that the trainee has the ability to earn
a minimum of the $999.00 within 6 months after completion of the training program. SBDC agrees
to waive all payments due SBDC for this training program. Failure to honor this condition of this
agreement Parties agree that the Trainee is in Default of this agreement.

Failure of Trainee to Graduate Training Program

If for any reason that the trainee fails to complete the training program then the cost for training fee of
$999 is due in full within 30 days of failure to complete or continue training as outlined herein.

Failure of Trainee to Perform Work After Graduating This Training Program

If the Trainee fails to perform as requested by SBDC on any three assigned projects as outlined in the
Independent Contractor Agreement Trainee shall be found in default of this agreement and any and all
unpaid balances shall be due in full within 30 days.

Cost of Collection in case of default

Parties agree that if Trainee fails to perform and eventually has an unpaid balance due SBDC for the
cost or partial cost of this Training Agreement that the trainee agrees to also pay any and all reasonable
collection costs in addition to any and all unpaid balances. SBDC does agree to accept a payment plan
of $100.00 per month against any and all unpaid balances so long as payment arrangements are made
within 30 days of Trainee’s default. Parties further agree that trainee will pay 1.5% per month simple
interest on any unpaid balance owed SBDC starting the month that default occurs.


Designer: Full Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Mailing Location: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: __________________________ FAX: _________________________ Mobile: ____________________________

E-mail / PayPal account: _______________________________@______________________________

33. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an

original but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument.

34. The Company may terminate this Agreement for cause upon twenty-four (24) hours written notice to the Designer. For cause shall be defined as the Designer’s violation of this Agreement, inactivity, or acting in a manner which may cause damage to the business reputation of the Company or in a manner which is in violation of God’s Law and/or local, state and federal laws or regulations.

35. It is the sole responsibility of the Designer to keep all contact information current!


Designer’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________________

Sworn to before me this ______ day of the month of __________________, in the year of Our Lord and Savior Jesus,

the Christ, two thousand and ____________________________________


Notary Signature with Seal











Acceptance by Sara Daugherty CEO, Scribe Proclaimers for Christ, a corporation sole: _________________________


On this ______ day of the month of ___________, in the year of Our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, two thousand

And _______________


Notary Signature with Seal















Social Security Number Disclosure/Waiver Form


I understand the only purpose of this form is to satisfy the tax filing

requirements of Proclaimers for Christ LLC in the event my commission payments

exceed $600.00 USD over the course of any calendar year. I further understand

this information will not be used for any purpose other than as an attachment

to form 1099-MISC and disclosed only to the Internal Revenue



Please type or print legibly


Mailing Location:



Postal Code:


Include SSN/TTN in the space provided below


1 I am a US Citizen or Entity, my SSN/TIN is

(1099-MISC form only will be submitted to the IRS)__________________


If the following apply: Sign and affix a notary seal where appropriate


2 I have bona fide religious or privacy objections to revealing my SSN

(a 1099-MISC and this Waiver will be submitted to the IRS)_________________


3 I am not a US Citizen and have never been issued a Social Security Number

(a 1099-MISC and this Waiver will be submitted to the IRS)____________________



Other (a 1099-MISC and this Waiver will be submitted to the IRS): _________________















I hereby certify the information provided is true and correct.

Signature: ______________________________________________________

Proclaimers for Christ LLC – SSN Disclosure/Waiver – US Affiliates

Revised 1/25/12